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Siemens sets 107Gb/s network speed record

Reuters reports that Siemens has processed data using exclusively electrical means at 107 gigabits per second -- roughly two full DVDs per second -- and sent it over a single optical fiber channel in a 100 mile-long (161-kilometre) U.S. network, the first time outside of a laboratory. This is 2.5 times faster than a previous maximum transmission performance per channel.

Siemens say the advantage of its method of using electrical processing only was that it removed the need to split signals into multiple, lower data-rate signals to avoid bottlenecks -- which makes transmission slower and more expensive.

"Such a system would be particularly interesting for the future 100-gigabit Ethernet on which the telecommunication providers are currently working," Siemens said.

Siemens said it expected the first products based on the prototype could be on the market within a few years.