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The "Rashomon effect"

Alex Brown points to a post by his wife, Sarah Annes Brown, that gives a spouse's perspective on the whole OpenXML circus. Sarah ends her post with a comment that

"... the blogosphere’s latest version(s) of [OOXML] events – makes Rashoman seem very straightforward."

I'd never heard of Rashoman, a film which (according to Wikipedia) has

an unusual narrative structure that suggests the impossibility of obtaining the truth about an event when there are conflicting witness accounts.

'Rashomon' has become a byword for any situation in which the truth of an event is difficult to verify due to the conflicting accounts of different witnesses.

Apparently the film has also lent its name to the 'Rashomon effect' in psychology:

the effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it.

Comments said:

The Rashomon effect notwithstanding, the post Geneva consensus continues to grow ... Standards New Zealand

# March 6, 2008 9:06 AM