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Italy: New project to bring OpenXML to Apache POI

apachepoi-project-logoAnother of my colleagues, this time Andrea Valboni in Italy, has just written about an interesting project kicking off there to extend the Apache POI Java libraries to include  OpenXML. Andrea writes

Microsoft and Sourcesense, a company delivering consultancy on open source software, reached today an agreement to create a community to develop Java libraries to produce Office OpenXML documents.

Gianugo Rabellino, CEO of Sourcesense is quoted in the press release:-sourcesense

“As Apache POI libraries are used in numerous Open Source projects and enterprise applications that deal with Office documents, support for Office Open XML will meet the future needs for application interoperability. Microsoft’s participation with the Apache community reinforces its commitment to bridging open standards to Open Source.”

Nota bene: Gianugo's blog mentions that he's a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It's worth pointing out that this announcement doesn't represent an endorsement of Open XML by the ASF. (His blog also mentions he's a lawyer Wink)