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OpenXML and ODF in Windows 7 Wordpad

I said I’d post screenshots of the OpenXML and ODF support in Windows 7 Wordpad. It turns out that this isn’t in build 6801 (the ISO files on “the goods” hdd but is in build 6930.

Here’s the File/Open and File/Save Dialogues …

(click the pictures for full size image)


and here’s the listed file types

and finally, here’s the ODF specification from Oasis’ site open in Wordpad


Doug Mahugh said:

Stephen McGibbon has screenshots of the Open XML and ODF support coming in Windows 7 Wordpad , as announced

# October 31, 2008 4:57 PM

Julien Chable said:

Suite à la PDC 2008 et au workshop Open XML donné par Microsoft à Redmond ( Doug , encore mille excuses

# November 3, 2008 2:05 PM