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ODF 1.1 Implementer Notes for Office 2007 SP2

have just been published on the Document Interop Initiative (DII) site:-

DII Welcome to the Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 Open Document Format (ODF) implementer notes site.  Here you will find detailed information about Office’s support for each section of the OASIS ODF 1.1 specification.  These notes will help promote interoperability by providing details that others can use as reference points for their own applications.  For example, they include information about which attributes and elements are supported, as well as details about how Office functionality maps to specific constructs in the ODF specification.  For a higher-level overview of Microsoft’s general approach to ODF implementation, see Guiding Principles for Office’s ODF Implementation.  If you have specific questions about Office’s ODF implementation, or if you need further information about the notes themselves, please post questions to the MSDN interoperability forum.

Implementer Notes address the fact that a standard alone doesn’t deliver interoperability. Bake-offs and other interoperability testing between products that implement standards have always, and probably will always be necessary, but documentation like this, that explains choices and assumptions made as engineers build products, and the rationale behind them, can also make a contribution.

I hope other vendors follow suit, and produce Implementer Notes for their implementations – customers can only benefit!

Update: Doug Mahugh has also posted in much more detail, including examples of how to use the Implementer Notes.