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Italy: New project to bring OpenXML to Apache POI
Another of my colleagues, this time Andrea Valboni in Italy, has just written about an interesting project kicking off there to extend the Apache POI Java libraries to include OpenXML. Andrea writes Microsoft and Sourcesense, a company delivering consultancy...
Novell: Do your office docs play well with others?
Novell's Kevin Barney blogs about the availability and benefits of the Office Open XML/OpenDocument format translators for presentations and spreadsheets in Novell's Open PR blog :- You know they’ve been in the works, but the Office Open XML/OpenDocument...
And there's more!
Yesterday I noted that the Office Binary <-> OpenXML translator project had started on SourceForge. Brian Jones has now also blogged about this but adds some really interesting extra details. 1. Ecma " will modify DIS 29500 to include an informative...
Office Binary <-> OpenXML translator project on SourceForge
The following milestones are planned in the Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) Translator to Open XML project Milestone 0 (February 15th, 2008): Launching the project on SourceForge outline of the anatomy of binary Office documents (Compound file format, streams...
Video of OpenXML on a Nokia E61i phone with Quickoffice
This video's really worth watching - it shows OpenXML support (both read and write) on a Nokia E61i with Quickoffice .
Videos showing OpenXML in Apple's iWork '08 and on the iPhone
A while ago I posted some screenshots showing OpenXML in Apple's iWork '08. My colleague Jean-Christophe Cimetiere has gone one better and posted a video ... he also posted a video of the OpenXML experience on the iPhone ...
Mapping the Office Binary File Formats to OpenXML
Brian Jones provides the text of one of Ecma's responses to the comments received from National Standards Bodies to DIS29500 that pertain to mapping from the binary formats to OpenXML:- We believe that Interoperability between applications conforming...
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